There is much beauty out here on the internet

Eco Cat Lady’s Grandmother

This is a link to a wonderful post about Thanksgiving and cooking and families and cats, lots of cats. The Eco Cat Lady’s use of captioned pictures is generous and spot on and I kept reading and reading. Then I found this picture of her grandmother and she’s so lovely I wanted to share it out with the world. And then I think you should go to that post and say hi so I feel less like a thief and more like a neighborly neighbor introducing people to each other.

and I found Eco Cat Lady while reading another blog on my feed tonight – David at is speaking on blogger rights management and thievery (gulp). This is another blog I love to read; he’s said some really smart things in the months I’ve been following him; indeed, I just read not only these two posts but I went about 5 posts further back just now and sorta got lost in thoughtfulness. I forgot I was writing this post to excuse stealing a picture. A good writer can do that, can make you forget you have laundry and bedtime as you read on and on.

Someday, maybe, I’ll be there. Meanwhile – I’m enjoying the journey!



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