Wrapping a Christmas present the green way

I’m going green with my wrapping this year! I saw this in the Post Bulletin and liked the idea so much I’m copying it. Rachel Gray, don’t let Dani see this post, OK?

1. Buy a present. Find or buy Christmas fabric, too.

2. Take the batteries out of the present. You are welcome, Rachel. I’ll give them to you if you want them, OK?



3. Measure around the present, add a couple of inches for ease and divide by two. The bag needs to let the present have room to breathe and wiggle around, even though the batteries are out of it. Measure it the other way and then add like 6-8 inches so you’ve got room to gather the opening up and tie it with ribbon. Add an inch to each of those measurements so you’ve got that seam allowance.


4. Lay that fabric out, wrong sides together, and plot out the cutting lines. Use pinking shears when you cut it out so the edges are more interesting.

5. Put on a movie.


6. Take the fabric over to the machine and set it to sew very fast (best just to get the boring part over with), and then sew up the two sides. That was still enough time to realize this movie isn’t to my taste so I turned it over to Miss Marple after this.


7. Pop the present into the bag and tie it up with ribbon and a gift card so you know who gets it. You are done! Put it under the tree!

So as the gifts are given to people, I need to claim back all these bags rather than let people throw them away so they can be reused which is rather the whole point. Or…I could leak the idea out there, couldn’t I?

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