Chicken Coops and Epic Heroes

I’m listening to Nancy Duarte’s TED presentation. She’s talking about organizing our presentations as epic journey stories, the presenter as the mentor and the story teller. She gave an updated version of this presentation in the G5Leadership webinar I watched this week. Well, kinda listened to while working and didn’t actually get to the end as a ticket came in for me so learning she had already done an initial version on TEDtv, I logged in tonight while doing some sewing. It’s only 18 minutes long where the G5Leadership presentation was over 30, plus had a question and answer time.

A bit later I found this article by Peter Guber, best selling author of “Tell to Win” speaking of oral tradition and how it helped our species survive and thrive, becoming the predators instead of the prey. FaceBook and other web apps are only the current version of that oral tradition – ‘A 10,000 Year Old Tradition – Key to Your Success?’ I’m one of those people who believe in coincidences, and so I stopped and noticed when my mother posted about being a storyteller today, thus the third time this topic came to my attention today. Something is trying to tell me something?

So this evening this is on my mind but instead of knuckling down to brainstorm it out,  I’m perusing “Be All That You Can Be” websites since the upset last week. Looking forward, thinking forward, listening to podcasts about farming at Chicken Thistle Farm and TEDtv talks about empowerment and G5Leadership talks about, well, about everything that makes up leadership.

This is Paleo Day 6. I stayed on diet except for the absolutely wonderful Dark Chocolate Triple Ginger cookies from Trader Joes tonight. I had two after eating a sausage and kale soup. There was tomatoes and onions and garlic and mushrooms and lots and lots of kale in there. Very yummy. I made a commitment to this bag of kale and I’m going to eat all of it, probably finishing it tomorrow.

But for now, I’m exhausted and going to bed. The dress I was working on is done and ready to be handed off tomorrow. Night!

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