Paleo Day 5

Boo found a green bean that escaped from the skillet last night and he’s patty-pawing it all over the house. Won’t eat it or let Alice eat it, and I am of a mind to leave it sit in the middle of the living room until it dries up just because it is harmless and amuses me.

Day five of the new eating scheme and I am starting my day with scrambled eggs and kale. Must be something I will get used to cause as the eggs cool the kale flavor is stronger and a bit putting off, but I learned to like avocado so I will stick with it.

Work out is done. I’ve not started getting ready for work and must again write in. Probably should just make that official.

Blah! Ok, I,m done.

On a positive note, though, my mind is clearer and workouts are easier. Not lost any weight but the first thing is just to get to eating this way. I read a really good blog while on the treadmill, which I will share once I’m at a desktop. You’ll like it, it’s full of scary facts about factory food.


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