Paleo Day 4: Back to work

Packing food today was interesting; I need to be able to grab food quickly to stow in the cooler so I can get out the door cause I never allow myself enough time – hard to peel the book away from my nose sometimes. I’d not a good job prepping last night for being able to just grab and go today.

Anyway, there’s some veggies in there and some porkchops to cut up in the salad and some fruit. The one frozen meal I was able to find at Trader Joe’s is in the freezer; maybe if I keep eating veggies I won’t have to break into it. It’s my hold-out meal. And I am trying to hold out, lol, as I continue to work through that jittery craving for simple carbs of sugar, and of rice and other wheat replacements. I sometimes think my brain hates me, it freaks out so.

I’m working on creating a non-editable copy of a view, and I’m watching a clean up script run, and I’m also talking to someone about how to best handle this other issue, and my brain does not want to multitask cleanly today. This fourth thing is killing it. Sending this post out to the interwebs now; more about my search for a local paleo group last night in a future post.

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