Thank You Very Much, Pinners

Every time I look at someone’s pin via FaceBook and then I go on to browse this person’s Pinterest account, I have guilt. Cause you see, I don’t really use Pinterest as it is not as nicely integrated in how I want to refind all my information at a later date. I’m using EverNote for just about everything that lasts longer than a grocery list or a scribbled potential blog post needs to last. I can’t share Evernote  – well, won’t share cause it would be like sharing my desk and file folders and that stack of unresolved papers over in the corner.

Anyway, I always find interesting things so I feel like a real user and my social obligation programming kicks in and I have guilt for not participating fully in the social networking world.

Then I get over it.

But because I’ve never said this, to Everyone Who Pins: Thank You! Your pins often delight me and if I start browsing I can easily come back to reality much later with my mind full of ideas. Ideas which I’ve put into EverNote because I never remember to come back to my own pins.


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