Nothing much to report so I will anyway!

Van and i went to a holiday party tonight at Mayo Civic Center for Coyote Creek and Riedel  Foods employees: a meal, lots of good people, a cash bar, and a band. I’d not ever seen Hairball – they are a tribute band, I think it is called. Good music, great stage presence. And much dancing on the floor. Not just those of us who might have seen these songs performed on stage in the early days of the original bands’ tours, either; some of those younger ladies were very enthusiastic.

It’s been a pretty good day. other than one bite of Van’s pizza, I stayed on the correct foods all day. In fact, I just had a snack of tuna and red pepper sticks! I got lots of little chores done, including hemming the jeans I’m wearing and de-junking the counter. And tomorrow I’ll do some more. Time for bed! Night!



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