Insomnia, Shire meeting recap and some important news

Good morning! It’s 3 am, do you know where the Sandman is? I’ve been tossing and turning for over an hour now and I finally decided that drifting in and out of twilight-sleep was silly. My brain won’t shut up anyway, might as well get up for a bit. I won’t be up at 5 am to workout today, though.

Rachel and I wrapped up some tedious steps to the LSTA grant project yesterday. While I can use SQL to copy over the 94 libraries into this particular table that is linked to the profile of each of them, and which controls certain views in the catalog, the process still needs someone to go in to each library’s profile and tweet the values a bit. MUCH better than having to enter them all manually, though. We worked on that and then went out to lunch to plan Project Peter Rabbit. You’ll hear more about PPR in coming weeks. It’s going to be fun!

The shire meeting went well, plus I got lots of good chattering with people I don’t see very often. Iggy has himself a knee scooter and the confidence to play – he came rolling into the meeting at a fair speed and that was really good to see. It amused me. Another thing that amused me was almost everyone’s reaction to seeing one of Hazellyn’s gifts, which I’ve got to share even though it means Ginny will find out early. Well…no. I can’t. Remind me to tell you after Christmas, OK?

I was home by 8, starving as I’d stayed at SELCO to write personal emails rather than find good food. Maybe eating that late has contributed to me being up here now, pounding on a keyboard, huh? I wanted to get PPR started up, there was an email to Oronoco City Council that needed to be finally written, good reasons and more. That tiny bowl of soup seems to have been just enough to feed the monster in side of my head.

So here is the important news – I know when Ginny and Shane are bringing Hazellyn  up to see me! They travel on the 27th and are staying for two whole days! I took that Friday off work; I am pretty sure there will be a lot of hugging and rocking going on and lots of pictures. Isn’t that wonderful news? I can’t wait.

Well, chatter-brain or not, I have got to try to get back to sleep. I don’t have any Sleepy-Time tea and a shot of whiskey at what is now 3:30 am is not smart, I suppose. I got this bit of an update done, journaled, surfed, caught up on FB, maybe have bored the brain-weasels back to sleep now. Let’s go find out, shall we?

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