Feeling unravellish, kinda like linen.

iTunes has rebuilt itself, it claims. I’m downloading the new iTunes right now; I wonder if the old one will automatically go away or if there will be some integration or what might happen. I don’t want both on my system, I suppose. Oh! Speaking of apple products, I think I want a new iphone for Christmas. They have iphone 4 for free right now; should I get it for myself? Or ask my family to provide me with the 4S, which is only $49 online? I have a trade-in credit due me. So does Ginny on her phone…humm….

I’ve just about got an underdress finished for Her Majesty for Saturday. I want to bind the seams up; some linens are determined to unravel as fast as they can once you cut into them. This OL019 is almost dissolving. Nasty. Then I get to start several projects in lovely wool and silk! I think I want a new outfit for 12th Night. Van wants to go! He’s asked me to go with him, which kinda astounds me but I’m glad he wants to go see Iggy and Lucy on the Stellar Thrones at least once.

Things are better inside my head tonight. I’m surprised.

Anyway, I’m going to clean up these seams and then iron this dress and go on to bed and read SQL theory! The book came! Twenty four lessons, each an ‘hour’ long but really only 10-15 pages each; if I don’t fall asleep first, I should have the first one read tonight. Although after a four-hour night last night, not sure I will get through even that short bit of reading. Sheer determination to get this dress so it won’t unravel off her while Liz is moving through her day drives me; I’ll knit myself back together with a nice snooze here in a bit.






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