Supporting local businesses revisited

I should spend more time at the Post Bulletin website. Not only to be encouraged to do thrifty things like make my own Christmas bags, an idea I’ve played around with for years now…but to find out what public events are going on that I can attend. Check out what the politicians are doing. Of course I only get access to 15 articles a month and after that need to pay and that’s how they make their money. I’ve already used up my quota here this morning, checking on those poor horses in Fillmore County and scanning through articles on the political scene. Get coupons to local eateries.

*puts note on EverNote* I was up late last night messing around with moving emails over to EverNote and continuing to implement the GTD schema that I mentioned yesterday. I did talk about it here, right? Hum…Here’s a link to The Secret Weapon just in case. Anyway, that’s where my brain stayed all night and popped right back into sorting and cleaning up emails and files when I got up, aaand that led me into thinking about local markets for some reason OH! I remember. I’m decorating the house today, starting the process anyway, and that’s one of the things in the ToDo list. And I do not have time to make my own new decorations nor do I necessarily want to buy them from China, which means a craft fair. I used to find local stuff like listings for craft fairs in the Post Bulletin.

We stopped taking it when we moved to Oronoco – frankly, I think we have enough paper waste coming into the house. But an online subscription would fit the bill. I am seeing a special right now, too.

Well. Lots to do today. Laters!



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