Let the wild rumpus start!

Oh wait! This is life, isn’t it? Just one more project to undertake.

I am putting into motion my application for a master’s program at the University of Minnesota. Right now it’s ordering transcripts; unofficial ones are all that is needed for an initial certification program, sent to me so I can scan them and send them in. I find it odd to be ordering transcripts from a school I attended decades ago; I barely remember that girl or her classes.

The certification program has a pretty easy application process. But make a sad face here, one of the two classes offered this Spring is already closed. I’d go on a waiting list, possibly. I’m going to start with the certification just to get back into the swing of studying and to give me time to get all the bits I need for the formal application to grad school.

There. I hear the printer finishing up so I can go sign, scan and email in a non-degree seeking student application. Until those transcripts get here I can’t do more than that.

Until Spring semester starts, I will continue working through the  MS SQL Server certification prep course work. Still not sure if I’m going to take the certification test as this is my life-long-learning plan and I don’t need certification to keep my job.

Mostly, this evening is about a headache and sinus gunk and left-over drugs from a Nyquil-induced rest. Hopefully the cold is nipped; I’m taking a wrap into work tomorrow, though. I’ve had this headache for about three weeks now, but the last few days the afternoons have been horridly painful. Maybe a comfy wrap will help. It’s certainly not a wolf suit.

During my workouts, I’m reading David Allen’s Making It All Work, which is proving to be an excellent book on both encouraging me to continue to practice what I already know about personal information management but also is really making me think about things I thought I already knew, thinking about them differently. The things I am thinking about is what is fueling this next project, in case you are wondering what’s going on here.

“And the walls became the world all around.” ― Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are


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