No MBA for me, but yes to the U!

Brain dump while I’m waiting for coffee. So the MBA conversation at UMR was useful to me. Speaking frankly with someone regarding the details helped me verbalize that I’m not going to thrive under that program; too much accounting. Some of the other aspects of the degree would be interesting though. So…this is not part of my own life-long learning plan.

I am going to take a self-study course for server administration, on my own time and my own nickle (it’s a free one on line) and decide if I want to invest in the five-day course to prepare for exam 70-432, the first step in the certification process. I don’t need to do this for my job but I’m the type that gets impatient with filling in skills as needed, and I think I would be happier if I knew I had familiarity with the bits of server maintenance that I don’t have to use all the time. When I was doing project management work, I read books and took classes at Carlson and hung out at PM blogs…when I was running the help desk, I read books and hung out on blogs and LinkedIn groups. You never know what knowledge can be useful. Anyway, this is being added to the next couple month’s of my life.

And I’m starting the process of entering a graduate program at the U…

OOPS! I kinda fell into the internet here, reviewing and reading and now I’m going to be late to work. So much on my mind that is not hitting the keyboard! Trust me, it’s very exciting stuff! Of course I got lost thinking and planning!

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