“Married a Young Italian” is not Tattooed on my Forehead…

but I wonder what is there? What are the messages I’m sending out like some invisible neon blinky sign? I’ve some ideas. I’m not sharing them with this venue; that goes into the very secret journal. But I bet you have a start of a list for me that I’d be embarrassed to see.

In this article Bodacious Woman exhorts us to stop worrying about what we think other people think about us. “You are just you.  Just like everyone else.  It’s time to put those expectations, and preconceived limitations away in the closet for good.  People look at you and see a person that is bright, happy, fun, creative, young at heart,  thoughtful and a million other fantastic things.  They think you have wonderful qualities, and like you for them.  They may even like you best for the things you feel are flaws!  ” 

Letting go of worrying about what people think is hard and frankly I think it’s a bit dangerous. Society sorta needs us to want to fit in to some part of society in order for the whole to stay cohesive. Society is people and how we fit together, and some of that is just compromise. Some of it is kindly enduring whatever – like waiting our turn in line. It’s not taking the cashier or the bagger for granted. Appreciating the noise of a busy coffee shop with the people chatting and some music overhead and coffee machines hissing, and not walking around all sour-faced cause it is a bit noisy. Sheesh. Take your coffee home…

I’m not talking about changing your hairstyle or worrying about your car not being new because of what you think people think. It’s not joining a club or running a race just to please someone else, unless that is what you want to do. Then it comes back around to doing your thing to keeping the cohesion, being an active participant in your slice of the world.

I know we are in times of change and I honor our individual work to find our place in this ever-changing culture or however you envision how we all fit together. I also honor our community builders, the people who head committees or run 5Ks or charity fundraisers or church circles or baseball teams. I believe it really is a balancing act between knowing what you need to let go of and knowing what you need to respond to and doing both with grace and enthusiasm.

Anyway, just some thoughts  that this article by Bodacious Woman stirred up.  Time for bed! And maybe dreams of young Italians…who knows?

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