Kitchen is a Mess…

Time to clean it up, I suppose. I made a pie. Gluten free crust and I wasn’t sure I trusted it to roll out nicely so I just sorta pushed it into the pie pan. There will be knuckle-ridges in the pie crust – at the bottom, not just around the top edge where they are supposed to be. Shush.

So we didn’t have any ginger and I used extra of all the other spices instead. And trying something a bit new for me; instead of condensed milk with the extra sugar in it, I beat up three eggs and used one can of pumpkin and those spices and a scant half cup of sugar, then a bit more when it wasn’t quite sweet. It’s doing the ‘fifteen minutes at 425 degrees’ bit before I go turn it down to finish up.

My hands smell of spices and bleach. I was going to roll out the dough so I’d cleaned the counter and dried it well. Waxed paper only goes so far as a rolling surface and then I’m scraping flour back onto the crust from where it’s scootched off the sides. But the dough was so sticky and I’m not sure how the rice flour will work as a desticking agent anyway.

Van and I are going out together for Thanksgiving. We had two very nice invitations to people’s homes and after careful thought, we decided to just eat out this year. I’m good with that. We have several busy times with family coming up in the next month. Oh! Like my grandbaby is coming to visit me! *giggle* That is going to be so much fun! Shane and Ginny are coming too, and I hope Draven.

I’m taking time off work. Work doesn’t know that yet – I just decided it and will ask on Monday. Mostly cause the kids gotta tell me when they are coming up, I suppose!

I can smell the pie. I may have used too much cinnamon. Oops. But it’s just for me; Van won’t ever have but one thin slice and I’m not sure when or if Emily and Isaiah are going to make it over and if they will even be hungry. It makes sense for them to stop by on the way home from her parents – traditional huge family gathering there.

Well, the kitchen isn’t going to clean itself and the crazy buzzer went off. Laters!


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