Something Larger Than Myself

When I created Hazellyn’s quilt, I worked on it several nights and had a vague idea it took about six hours to finish a baby quilt. We had fabric for eleven quilts washed and ready to go, i had yards of backing from a purchase years ago of cotton for late period chemise,  and batting that I’d bought on sale. Extra thread. Help lined up.

Before I could launch myself into sewing, though, I went to Gayle’s 50th Birthday Party. It was fun. There were some great people there to visit with and I liked sharing the time with everyone.  Just saying this so you don’t think I was being lazy to start so late in the day.

2:45 pm on Saturday, I started cutting fabric and working on strips. The house was already set up with two sewing stations, the counter cleaned off for the rotary cutting tools, and the TV tuned into my Hulu account for watching the latest of the Supernatural episodes. I don’t believe for a moment that the Supernatural team brought Castiel back onto the show just so the fans could rewatch the episode the next weekend during Endure4Kindness but I for one did so! And I made Becky C. watch it with me.

Truthfully, with people here, we spent more time watching Rug Rats or Bones than Supernatural…sad to admit but there you go. Make the people happy.

Becky C. showed up first, probably about 4 and I taught her to rotary cut fabric and what the basic quilt was going to look like. There was ironing, and sewing. Rachel G. and Shannon G. showed up with their 2 yo daughter, then a bit later Katie D with her two older children. Her 10 yo daughter was all over playing with the youngling, though, and we finally had enough support staff to keep the two machines in constant motion. One top was not only finished but tied by end of evening.

Becky stayed with me until after 1:30 am, more like 2…wonderful time catching up and yes, she watched this week’s episode of Supernatural where Castiel gets all righteous and angelic on the King of Hell. And by the end of yesterday evening, at least four tops were done and I was mighty close to a fifth. But about 3…I crashed asleep in my chair, having sat down for a bit of a brain rest with my book. Woke up to crawl into bed, woke up from bed at about 7:30, still with my socks on.

Today was mostly about finishing these off with ties and bindings, after that last one from 3 am got completed. Rachel helped for a couple of hours this morning then Becky, her daughters Leah and Hannah, and her mother, Sharon, came to help finish up.

Now, I’ve gone to work and done fine on six hours of sleep. I did have to keep things organized today, esp when Becky came back with Sharon, Leah and Hannah, but I didn’t have to really use the brain all that much. I just kept feeling really stupid, like I couldn’t remember what the word was for ‘scissors’ or the like. We did very well, I think. As you can see above, it is a colorful batch of blankets we are turning over to charity.

$116 went to Random Acts today. Many thanks to my sponsors! I’d have done this without your support, but I feel really good about my impact to the hosting organization.

I want to do this again. Not 24 hours of it for a while, but certainly a morning of fellowship and working together!



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