I’m getting stoked!

So excited I’m not sure I can go do dishes! Endure4Kindness is coming up quick-quick and I’m ready. Everyone I tell about my 24 hour marathon  has been interested and encouraging. I have people coming by to encourage me. …some of them I’m going to be networking with to make Oronoco a better place to live. Some of them are just people to make blankets happen. sshhhhh…secret agenda time there.

I can have them. I don’t think this is just about  Misha Collins and his run in 2010 and how that effort started Random Acts and if it wasn’t for the minions it wouldn’t have gone as far as it has. I think it’s about Misha Collins and his closest peeps sharing with the rest of us minions the opportunity to be part of goodness. Of personal and community growth. And of making the world a better place, together. And of us stepping up and doing it under this particular umbrella. There are many umbrellas, and I just happen to like this one, today, and if I continue to feel welcome here I’ll continue to play here. Where do you play? What do you do?

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