Bag them, Danno

I went to HiVee and as usual, got to talking with the cashier and the bagger and connecting with them because they are people and people deserve smiles and authenticity. And the cashier was way ahead of the bagger and he got a bit flustered to the point of doing jazz hands and saying “well….we are supposed to bag stuff together and you have a complicated order.” and I so get that.

Now I’m LOLling. The bag I’m unpacking has the cheese and the sour cream and the fancy walnut cheese and the Oil of Olay and the two containers of cream cheese and the yogurt.

OK, I’m done. As soon as i come off the banana rum buzz that I am enjoying, I’m going to share about meeting the 2 Bargain Babes.  Really, they deserve better than tipsy me. I met them before coming home to bacon and booze and it’s a lovely story! Really!


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