Bad Choices

So I gave into an impulse yesterday and bought a frozen cracker-crust pizza cause I love those things like crack, and then this morning I gave into the impulse to eat part of the darn thing. Bad choice. Why do I do stupid things like this to myself? And then why do I come here and whine to you about my poor choices? You don’t need this.

This too shall pass. I have pills.

On the flip side, I’ve got baked apples in the oven and ‘back of the freezer’ soup started, kitchen is cleaned back up and I am on to the next thing on the list. But I’m in a mood; I have to keep reminding myself that staring at FB for hours is not on that list. Also, the soup smells icky yet; maybe should not have tried to rescue the brats into my soup…oh well. Only really out the onion and the mushrooms if I have to pitch it, lol.


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