Party at the Fabric Store!

It started innocently enough. I invited Gayle and Garret to come look-see through Ginny’s Fine Fabrics and just get some ideas for the Rus Coats that will be part of their decoronation garb. We stopped first at a church bazaar and then they followed me over. Ginny herself opened the back door for us.

It was like letting kids loose in a candy store. Can you say giddy with sensory overload? Gayle called Liz and Jason, and Rachel who could not come, and we just went crazy with the selecting and discussion.

Ginny has one of the finest collections of upper-end fabrics in this area; there might be similar in the Cities but if so, I’ve not been there. Very rarely is there polyester in anything but the filmy dressy fabrics, and even there she is more apt to have silk fabrics. This is where I can get summer-weight wools in multiple colors that are finer than Egyptian cotton. This is where there are multiple choices for boiled wool, or cashmere, or fancy laces and trims and buttons.

She had a sale going on. Last day.

Jason found a lovely length of cobalt blue silk-wool-linen and then put it to one side, so I claimed it, then he said something that made me think he really did want it and I’d not given him enough time, and he refuted that and told me it was mine and I reminded me he had seen it first and I told him it was his. Back and forth. It came home with me. I’m going to hand sew an overdress from it with Northshield gold linen as the trim.

Fabric for several dresses, a tunic and two coats came home, too. Buttons for Gayle’s hat.

We were there for over two hours, all told. I’m still tired. Went to the grocery store, ate some food, finished the laundry and did a few other things on the list of all things. So it’s time to watch a movie – I think Dark Shadows for the first one.

What a great day so far!

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