I love how Hyperbole and a Half’s little gal’s determination has turned into a meme. She started this “Do All the Things” bit; just go look at her artwork and you’ll go “oh yeah, of course.” I hope she is well.

I have a notebook that is following me around everywhere as everywhere I go, I’m finding things I need to do. Good Lord but there is a line of dust and dirt behind the door in the guest bathroom. Yes, I was just sitting there minding my own business and looked over to see that. Ack! Also Boo is shoving a jacket that I dropped on the floor in the hall last night. I spilled something on it on the way home on Tuesday and last night wanted the button off of it that Ginny gave me. Boo has decided this needs to be picked up…there.. he’s pushed it to my feet. Good Cat!

*adds jacket to the pile of clothing I’m taking downstairs*

Anyway, ‘clean guest bathroom’ got added to the list. I’m drinking coffee, boiling potatoes and hotdogs for breakfast, and doing that mental data dump while loading the dishwasher and typing this post. i’m so excited to see how much I can get done! I’ll keep you informed; Van’s not home today so I’m able to run about and do things and sing. Lots of Singing!

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