I do not have Grandma Fever

But more my thoughts are circling around her parents. Is Shane doing OK? How is Ginny handling things?? Are they happy? Is there still that OMG LOOK WHAT WE DID mutual appreciation going on?

Yeah, I am weird that way. Hazellyn is fine. She has two awesome parents and a devoted auntie in the lovely woman named Carrie. And I am sad cause I am nine hours away from the four of them, but I do not have to worry about the infant.

I miss her. I was at a city committee meeting forOronoco and I was listening to R1 and B1 discussion and my hand is remembering cradling her wee head. I remember her smell. Her eyes, and her face in sleep.

she is well. Ginny is experiencing all the little discoveries and successes of a new mother and she has these wonderful people right there with her. Good times, as she used to say. Gin better be collecting the memories, too. They haunt you when your baby has her own.

This is going to be so weird, so flipped, when Emily has her first child. I bet I still cry myself to sleep when that occurs, trusting the adults are well and enjoying The Bebe With The Power.

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