Great Meeting Tonight!

The Shire met to take care of business tonight, then enjoyed a bit of chatter before scattering to the winds again. The Dance Seminar this weekend must have been most excellent as people really had a strong appreciation of each other, a solid thread of fellowship running through people. I liked it. I blame Belle and Tarien.

Once home, I watched the last half of Supernatural, the last half of Castle, and did some work prepping for work tomorrow. We are presenting a living history spectacle tomorrow for History Days, emphasis on the spectacle probably, although I hope people ask good questions. This is different than the Trekker days; for one, there is research. Reenactors have a bit more panache as well, I think. The chivalry runs through both, though – anyone who knows Patrick Stewart’s CV knows of excellence of character pulled into any role he takes.

Same thing with most of my heroes off the screen; they are noble, courteous people. Sure, you see cheesy characters out there running around with lazer guns fighting CG monsters but those never become my heroes! Please! I do have standards.

Sometimes cheesy standards, though. too.

Not much else to say and I’m yawning. Night!

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