A very few baby pictures


Phelps County Medical Center pulled a rabbit out of a hat today for us. Scheduling issues came up with other mothers and emergencies and we almost did not have a baby again today. But they did it for us! Yeah! Hazellyn was born at 4:01 pm, weighed nearly 8 pounds and has a lovely shaped head, even if it is huge for her age; it’s all the smarts in there, I am sure.

Linda and Bruce Crim (greatgrandparents) and Georgia Ott came and sat with me while Virginia was in surgery. Carrie and Amber came by too. Ginny had fed Hazellyn three times by the time I left at 9…they were kicking us out, handing Shane bedding for the night. But… new baby! Even if she was all sleeping…Baby to worship!

So I’m exhausted, having a rum and coke and ready to sleep. Here are some pics and movies – I know I don’t take very good ones, but this is the 4 year old phone. It’s the memories, people.

The videos will not load so here are the links in YouTube:


http://youtu.be/-AowWykXBlE                          http://youtu.be/vVMGG5c45Qo






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