Oh, coffee, coffee, coffee

I slept pretty good for being away from home and afraid to turn that last light off! And I’m glad that I asked for additional coffee packets; these are like single serving packets of grounds and it’s a ten cup pot. Didn’t make all ten cups but I used up two of the packets for my 16 ounces this morning since I like my coffee Minnesota-strong. I will pick up supplies at Walmart today, trying to be fair to my hosts.

We are having brunch at 10 with Mom, Bruce and Georgia. Going to be a glorious good time!

No phone call overnight from Gin,in case that is what you are here checking on.

This afternoon is crafts. We are going to work on things for GISHWHES today, and I will post picture of us in progress. Sorry, I can’t post the stunts themselves or we will lose points. Keeping young Draven busy, keeping Gin’s mind off of tomorrow, helping however I can; what else can I do?

The shower this morning was wonderful! Hot, hot water and very good pressure. I think I need to see if we can adjust that at home..and the coffee is just about gone, time to get back over to Gin’s!

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