Arguing with Garmin

I kissed Van goodbye and was on the road by 8 am this morning. Garmin told me I’d be in Rolla by 3:45 but I laughed and reminded her about all the bathroom breaks I take. And it was a lovely morning for a drive! I may get out and take a walk around a town somewhere.

Disregarding me, she continued to order me around. And then we got to Mason City, I think(the notes are in the car yet)…I decided to stay on 63. Did you know it runs right into Rolla? Garmin was having none of that and every two seconds was telling me to make a U-turn or take off in a direction that would turn me around again. So I turned off her sound. Eventually she gave up but I now had an extra hour added to the trip. Oops.

We had another little battle in Davenport; again, she wanted me to take 218. It was interesting on 63 – there were towns there I do not remember seeing last time. Like New Sharon. When did they put that one in? Why did they age all the buildings? So I had to mute her again so I could pay attention to signs.

Somewhere in Amish country, I forgot to watch the signs and missed a turn off and went about..oh..12 miles down the road the wrong way. Oops. Turned back on her voice and Garmin was giggling. Smugly she got me back on course.

So it was a little after 6 when I finally got into town. I am staying in a delightful older motel ran by a charming couple. So I don’t have a flat screen tv – I’m not going to be here long enough to bother with it, and would probably watch it online anyway. I can’t get the iPad to connect but the computer is working fine. More about this tomorrow, and about visiting with Ginny. I’m finally winding down and ready to sleep. Night!

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