Closing Loops

Did you see Looper? If you didn’t pay really close attention to the science but only watched at a timey-whimey level, it was a good movie. I’ve been thinking about it a lot this week. Closing the loops. Finishing things that didn’t quite continue to do what I’d started them out to do. Or…that are ready to be done and moved on from to the other stuff waiting for me.

On a baby note, probably Friday c-section. Maybe before that, if labor starts up naturally.

So tonight, GISHWHES until I can’t any more or I run outa cucumbers. It will probably be an early night – flashback last night, or nightmare, or flashback-induced nightmare. I am angry today. Pack up the meds (everything else is in the car). and plan to leave about 5 am for Rolla.

If there isn’t a call before then. One hopes.

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