Quick update, plus doing morning review…

I’m at work. Gin is calling her doctor today regarding Wednesday’s c-section and I’m not leaving until I hear back from her.

I really do plan to be out of the office all week. So why did I start my day by doing the Monday morning review of work projects? heh.

The article linked below is timely. Personally, I use ToodleDo to capture all tasks, and weekly reviews to pull out the ones to work on that week, and daily updates to any project/task that is touched during the week because I or a team-mate worked on it.

From that article: Once I’ve written them down, it solidifies in my memory and I’m done.

Good point. This is why for the stuff in front of me there is pencil and paper; I realized this about a year ago and it’s served me well. So back to it.

via Three Ways Ive Simplified My Life Using Pen and Paper Instead of Technology.

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