Election, GISHWHES, Baby-Baby, Boom!

I’m in here avoiding FaceBook as it has annoyed me with all the political snarking and spinning over the presidency. There has been very little over other elections, the House and the Senate and all those other, more local offices, though. Plus…I’m wondering why there is no political snarking going on regarding the elections here in Oronoco? Facebook et al is quiet about my bid for office, even quieter than my campaign itself. I did some business cards on the local computer and haven’t even used up all of those. I didn’t go walking; I’ll do that after the election, if I’m in and so I can become more than a line on the ballot to the 1300+ people who live here. I didn’t make up yard signs – people look at my name and then look again trying to pronounce it and what if someone got rear-ended doing that? I’d not like that guilt, I’m just saying.

I need the money to take a trip south.

In other news, there is a grandbaby on the way and today is Momma’s due date. She’s ready. I’m ready. Her doctor wants to wait until baby is ready. So there could come a time really soon where Gin calls and says “OK, I’m really, really in labor” and I’m leaving. Driving myself so I have my car. Taking naps now so I won’t be killing myself on the road. I figured out it would take at a minimum five hours to drive to the airport, catch a flight, get to either St. Louis or Springfield and get to Rolla, MO. And since Van is not coming with me so I can’t pack projects and books into his suitcase, I’m taking my car for the 8-9 hour trip.

It’s kinda cool. I get on HWY 63 in Rochester and stay on it for a long time. No crazy turns to miss or anything until I get into Rolla.

And the third thing is GISHWHES starts at 11 pm my time. It is the world’s largest and bestest scavenger hunt, and if you are watching my FB thread and things get a bit weird, well, yeah. Last year seems to have been a good time; I don’t know now many of us there are here but last year there were 6000+ and I know there are over 600 teams this year. Teams have 15 people on them. And I’m not sure if that link works so go to youtube and look it up. But here’s a good one! The challenge is written in the notes below the youtube video itself.

Is it any wonder that while I want to be on City Council and be useful long term, this short term stuff has me flommaxed? So now, I’m taking a nap. GISHWHES starts at 11 pm for me, unless I’m on the road and then we will wing it. It’s a good team. Very creative. Spunky, too.

Right. I’m going to nap. Who am I kidding??? I’m going to go hang out on twitter now and be annoyingly perky. Laters!


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