The Blue Box

There was a blue sewing box at Joann Fabrics that I’d wanted for months. Deeper than most, sturdy, solid tray in the top. Also pretty expensive for a sewing box and I’m not going to spend the money on it for myself.

About a month ago, though, I happened to have a 50% off coupon and I decided to buy it, along with material for something else I was getting at the time. Turns out that since it was a Singer Accessory piece, I couldn’t use my coupon. There was no tagging on the box. no labeling telling me that it was made for Singer; I was a good sport about it though and just had them put it back out.

So…yesterday I went in to buy fabric for the charity baby blankets I’m making, and right in front of it was this 40% off sign. Yay! Into the cart it went. I did ask a clerk at the cutting counter about the sign and she had no idea, but did agree that the sign being right there probably meant it really was 40% off. And then there was this handy 30% off coupon for my entire purchase…really would help with the guilt of buying something frivolous and just for me. I got to the counter and asked again – no, told him – If it’s not 40% off, I don’t think I want it. And when it rang up, I asked again – did it take the 40% off? and he said it would do that at the end. When the total came up, I said that I could not do math in my head very quickly so you look, did the 40% come off? oh, and did I also get the 30% off that item? And he said “You got $30 off of the total” which really did not answer my question, you know?

Lots of words! Sorry! Anyway, when I got a moment to do the math, guess what? No discount. I paid full price for that item. Meh.

The manager this morning was nice enough to listen to ALL THE WORDs you just had to plow through and she had lines of people waiting behind me. We talked about it and I took the deal of the 40% off and she got my gratitude and me out of the way. And she kept a customer. I’m not always the best in confrontation when it’s for me, when it’s for something just cause I want it and am happier. I am happier. It’s loaded up with the sewing supplies and a couple of small projects, and there is a cat sitting on it like a padded cat-throne. If I’d been unhappy, I’d never go back, not because anyone there is ever going to remember me, me of so many, but because I’d associate the place with the bad experience. There are other places and I don’t need to every re-experience those emotions so I’d not. But…it was good. I’ll go back.

But for now, to bed. Night!


2 thoughts on “The Blue Box

  1. This has been my experience EVERY time I’ve shopped Joann’s. (Which admittedly is not often – they don’t carry lumber!) But I am not a customer there anymore, except when I absolutely have no other choice. I once pointed out that sale price, clearly marked as applying to the specific fabric I bought, was not being applied. They called someone to check, determined I was right and grudgingly gave me the discount. I asked, “Is that going to be fixed so the advertised price will ring up correctly?” And all I got was a sullen glare. Answer: No, Joann’s will continue to apply deceptive marketing tactics. Shop elsewhere if you have a choice.


    1. LOL no, there is no lumber but mine has a Menards right next door, and a Harbor Freight within spitting distance for cheap tools. I don’t really want to shop at Hobby Lobby, and Mills End is across town, which is only ten minutes away. So Hush Me. What’s ten minutes?


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