Bring Out Your Dead!

I have been studying SEO and blogs and webpages and trends and well a lot of web-stuff lately. Tonight I remembered webrings. Stumbled onto them, actually. There is a Society webring and yes, some fine research is stored on a few of the 103 websites in that ring. Others are not very flattering to us;  even though to my eyes, they are obviously outdated (Preparing for Pennsic land grab 33, anyone else?). If a casual searcher was to find one with worn, simplistic graphics of an earlier decade, he/she is going to quickly go on to another page but that impression is already made. We are not outdated, we just like old things, old skills.

And this was just the ones on this webring.

I don’t remember if I took my old blogger site down, now that I think about it, and didn’t I have a typepad blog?? urk. OK. Kettle, meet Pot! I’ll have to check…

I think that the SCAdians that blog are doing a good job of using the correct metadata and are positioning their blogs to be found and to show Society in good light. And…there may be no way to convince people to go take down older blogs that are not being kept up, I suppose, but perhaps there needs to be an awareness campaign among the web ministry? Have some basic standards? And if you are not going to maintain the whole thing, at least keep your contact information up to date, including links to Society websites?

Tonight was about cleaning up categories and some tags. It was also about a lot of TV watching – Lazy! I know. And so now, good night!



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