Webpage is getting an upgrade

and boy is it messy! I have tried about a dozen themes and have tweaked widgets and menus and I’m feeling a bit silly about the whole thing.

This is a responsive theme, meaning it will look OK no matter what you are using to view it. It resizes nice. Supposedly I have so many options that I can play with this for a long time…I do like how the categories play out. The top menu needs tweaked and I need to go through posts and both tag and correct the categories, so things are easier to follow. I kinda like the twitter feed there before the posts start, and the “follow me” buttons are attractive.

So…what else is going on?

My bag is almost packed. While Van is staying home, I’m going to Rolla to help Ginny with the new baby, whenever she gets here.  I have a baby blanket for Hazelyn, and it’s in her honor that I’m making blankets for 24hours on November 17. i could use a fabric donation of cotton fabric with baby or pastel themes, if you are reading this and want to share of your own stash.

I voted, since i may be out of town yet on election day. I hope I get elected to City Council here in Oronoco, and I hope we have a few warm days left in the year so I can go visiting. I realized it made little sense to go walking the streets before hand. It is after I get the office that I need to work to go in front of people so I can listen to them.

I’m almost caught up on The Walking Dead and then we are starting on The Game of Thrones. Van doesn’t find the zombies all that interesting, but maybe we can watch Sean Bean together, Bean and all his family. I know what happens; typical. So many villains in Bean’s past characters, of course it happens to this one!

Too many yawns! Can’t think any more…too many buttons tonight, I think. Night!




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