Dealing with Zombies

So don’t read this post if zombies are not your thing, OK?

This is what prompted it; I am power-watching The Walking Dead, a show that has hordes of zombies walking about everywhere. And I see the characters taking down a zombie with one bullet to the brain. Then I sleep and the first thing I have to do when I wake up is ask this question.

Why are there still so many zombies?

This is driving me nuts.

Van tells me that most shooters he knows have about 1000 rounds at any one time, and I know that the Pine Island range often has 40-50 shooters out on one evening. Then there is Fleet Farm and Ganders, just to name two sources. Do the math.

This show is doing a HUGE disservice to the threat of the Zombie Apocalypse in that it is portraying the United States as being totally unprepared and the people still alive are not smart enough to go through each other’s homes looking for weapon stashes and food. Plus they are all driving junkers. Come on people! There are great tracts of land holding brand new sports vehicles, or you could go to any armory and lift military vehicles. Does anyone else see how this one show is setting back our preparedness preparations? Something should be done about this. It’s a pity that I’ve become interested in the personalities of the characters and will continue watching it, I just hope they get smarter about resources.

OK, done. I’m going to get coffee now.

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