Update: stayed home, still grumpy

I’m kinda ticked at the world. I was not feeling the best on Monday and Tuesday; if I had to endure the full-flung affects of this virus, why couldn’t it have been on one of those days when I really didn’t have so much on my plate? Today I’m missing out on a meeting that I love going to twice a year. It’s a vendor-group meeting, so other regional ILS managers and vendor reps and some people I’ve come to really appreciate over the years. Grump. So I’m not going to think about it but have another cup of coffee.

And another thing…I googled myself. Even six months ago it was a different set of links that came up, but now there are links to things I’ve not participated in for years, like Library 2.0, that come up before links to sites I am active on, like this blog. I got to study on how to clean that up the results list and get the important ones higher in the returns. But not today; I don’t think I’m up for thinking seriously about anything. I may sew or sort through projects back in my workroom.

The workroom has exploded, btw. I have three rooms scattered with things; there was a creep of my stuff over the summer from the confines of that room into the guest room and into the living room. Nor can I get the car into the garage; if I’m up to it, that’s the chore for the weekend. Corralling stuff. Working on the shed. Sewing. Make the guilt less pressing.

Today is about resting, drinking OJ and tea with honey, and keeping an eye on work emails while I maybe sew or watch more The Walking Dead. And I think I’m going to go find the LinkedIn profiles of more of those people, and connect with them, and endorse at least one skill. That may make me feel better.

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