Playing with Upgrades

When I wasn’t sleeping today, I was reading. I’ve been reading about SEO and themes and buddypress and using an RSS Blogroll rather than just that atrocious list of links. My research is still there, but I’m trying to figure out how to get it to a page rather than using a sidebar – valuable space saved! Plus this RSS Blogroll highlights a person’s last post, so that’s good for the people I’m listing like a double-tap of usefulness.

So this evening when not encouraging people to join my GISHWHES team, I’m reviewing things and correcting that which I read incorrectly. This afternoon, all the buddypress sites I could find were from the UK or New Zealand and I got a bit excited that no one was using that platform here. Tonight I find that there are many, including the Occupy Rochester webpage, that are built on buddypress. I’m now investigating the application, although I also think that FaceBook has whipped its butt at this point. Maybe.

LinksAlpha is the company that manages the app that lets WordPress post to my other social media sites, like FaceBook. I’ve added a few new networks to my profile, like my tumblr blog and LinkedIn, but I took LinkedIn off cause really, I blog about so much more than just libraries and IT. Google+ is not in the list, though, so I’ve got to find a way to push out to that audience.

I’ve played around with themes as well, and came back to Evening Shade. I like the colors and the feel of it and how easy it is to update.

But mostly I’ve sat here watching The Walking Dead. Still not sure if i like this show.

And holding on to two links. Simple press: and buddypress


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