Quick lesson on how important it is to have engagement with your readers

From:  Beth’s Blog

OK, I didn’t even know FaceBook had changed the algorithm and it probably did not affect my viewing nearly as much as that annoying habit it has of reverting to ‘top stories’ rather than  ‘newest first.’  But there is it – the article has several links to further information. Mostly, though, I’m recommending this to you to help drive home the marketing suggestions; reward engagement with your page, your brand and your message. Or pay for sponsorship!

How big of a difference does this make?

After learning of the change, Edgerank Checker was quick to conduct a study, they compared analytics from 3,000 Facebook pages the week before the change and the week after.  The flash-study found that branded pages lost about 6.5% of their reach on average after the change and a whopping 45% of their “virality” reach according to Facebook’s figures.

So the new algorithm certainly seems to be having an impact. The question now is, short of paying for promoted posts, what can nonprofits do to adjust to these changes and make sure their content earns the sort of reach and virality needed to engage new volunteers, donors and advocates?  Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help your content remain top-of-stream.

via How Nonprofits Can Use Measurement To Adapt to the Facebook Algorithm Change | Beth’s Blog.

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