Test? What sort of test, Pregnant Daughter?

On her FB page today, Gin mentions she was drinking lots of coffee while she prepares for a test. Now…that sounds like a college test, right? But she is also full term and so who knows these days? Gah.

On other notes, we are leaving about 11 am for Vermillion, South Dakota. Me and Roisin, not Van. Van is staying home. So there will be a very fun drive out, much excitement and work and good things at the event, and then a party. Yeah, party.

I’m also checking airfare out of that area to St. Louis. Mentioning tests makes me nervous. Yeah, credit card. I hope I don’t have to make an emergency fly out of there, but whatever. I will. I promised I would be there for Ginny, and as much as I love these other people, she comes first in this case. It’s how I roll.

But then…Crown is an exciting event. I hope to be helping with another reign at the end of the day tomorrow! Wouldn’t that be fun?


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