Pledge4Good to help me Endure4Kindness!


Now that the fun of sewing for Crown garb is done, I’m plotting a new baby quilt for my soon-to-be-born grandbaby. And then on November 17-18, I’m going to spend 24 hours sewing similar blankets for other people’s babies. I’m fond of the Irish Chain pattern, it’s pretty and goes together quickly with quick piecing techniques.

I’m doing all this sewing, and staying up into the wee hours and back around into morning, to raise money for a charity that I support. Random Acts encourages people to do good things for each other all year, they send a troupe of workers to Haiti to work there to better people’s lives, they fund acts of kindness throughout the year but particularly in March when they run AMOK. Misha Collins started the organization when he activated his fans, his ‘minions,’ as a force for good…once he got them started, everything just started rolling uphill from there. It’s a good website, go check out what they have funded and what they plan to do in the future.

So…will you support me? I’m going to start working on these quilts at some time on November 17 and keep going until 24 hours have passed. Like a walkathon, I’m asking you to pledge at least $1 for every hour I work. You can sign up here. I’d really appreciate it.

I think I’ll be doing this in my home and hope some of my friends will join me for part of it. We can make this a party-a work party, sure…but then most of you do work hard.

The blankets will go to a local charity, possibly Bundles of Love or possibly some other group, I’ve not decided yet. I want to talk to the people in Oronoco to be sure I’m not missing a local need. I need cotton fabric and will gladly take donations of fabric or money to go buy it for myself.

But mostly, I want you to sign up and pledge to give in support of every hour I spend sewing, cutting, tying or binding! Thank you!





2 thoughts on “Pledge4Good to help me Endure4Kindness!

  1. I am checking into my availability, as I would like to come and help you. I also invited my Mom, who’s a quilter and can stitch with the best of them!! I will check with Kathy as well, she has a bunch of fabric she wants to turn into blankets that I may be able to snag from her. 🙂 I can invite her as well!! 🙂



    1. I would love to have you share this work with me, even if only for a few hours! Yes, invite people and get donations and let’s plan to have a good time! Yeah! Love you!


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