How can this concept be useful in my work? In the library management world?

I am an advocate that things should be useful; if not right away, maybe soon or some day. When something comes in on one of the library blogs I follow..well, somehow it did. I maybe surfed there from another article and can’t find the original so you can see what that author said. Don’t you just hate that? I am sorry, I don’t have the link.

Anyway, here’s the thought:

Without delving too far into the very fine difference between marketing and sales, I will say that marketing is more about broadcast messaging and selling is more about direct conversation. Isn’t that the case? When have you ever bought something from a salesperson that didn’t communicate directly and specifically to you? Many of us, however, make countless every day purchases that are the result of marketers crafting and distributing messages to the masses.

via 12 Most Profitable Ways for Salespeople to Leverage Social Media.

As someone who supports an application, I only market when we have changes to the application, or when I need for people to do some task (clean up local request mis-types) or know of some upgrade (new reports being available.) I act as a salesperson, or maybe better yet, a field technician, when I take care of a direct call from one of our users or someone here in house has a question.

Sometimes just clarifying where I fit into a business model from another field helps me better understand the business model I’m wearing at the moment. You?


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