And Today’s Adventure Will Be…!

I’ve got to get a theme on this blog I actually like. Loved the one before the one you see now, but I could not change the background colors and I wanted to use the picture of the young flax up there as a header picture. So maybe I’ll change back, and use the header picture from my FaceBook page cause I like that one, too.

This will take all of about two minutes. Probably took longer to type it up than it will to make the actual switch, all said.

The party last night was a lot of fun for me; I really was afraid it was going to be too cold to be outside but with the wind down and a huge fire, it was just fine. I got to keep Martin’s hat, it seems; I will take good care of it and return it soon.

The angel wings will be attached to the dress and the collar on before noon. Rachel is coming over this afternoon for a final fitting. Then to secure down the tacked-in arms and do the lower hem.

I also want to start processing linen for the indigo bath, do my laundry, and find out who the murderer is in my current book. Oh, and finish cleaning up the kitchen, and probably will be doing system’s checks in about an hour. It’s a busy day! Hope yours goes well, too.



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