“Wings of Angels” are slippery and bulky and hard to control…

I’m working on Anplica’s houppelande today. It’s actually the lining of those angel wings that are slippery but the fabric is pretty. I keep telling myself that… Also about to pop in a movie called “Knightriders” which is not about a sentient car but about some guys being knights on motorcycles. The title came up several times during a discussion about movies that portray the knightly virtues. Then it rose to the top of my netflix DVD list and came here.

I’m dubious about the movie. Not about the recommend, of course, just the movie. It just feels D-List even holding the DVD in my hand.

Soup is on for holding a fire-party tonight. Few people are able to come over and I hope we are brave enough to actually light the fire and brave the chill. We’ve been adding brush and downed branches to the pile for awhile and it needs to go. But it’s cold and windy out.


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