Libraries and eBooks: a response from Andy Woodworth

Libraries serve their communities. Full stop. There is no income restriction or requirement. In duty, librarians strive to be egalitarians, providing service to all who seek it. That’s who we are and what we do. For the record, librarians know a few things about social equality as well.

Mr. Balis, you can question many things about the library when it comes to eBooks, but not our mission of service. It’s a distraction, a craven act of arrogance, and an insult to suggest that library eBook lending relates to income levels. You didn’t deserve the answer that Maureen graciously gave you for your boorish question. You should be ashamed of yourself.

via Agnostic, Maybe.

So this is me now – just a quick grab of a couple of the paragraphs of an excellent response to an article in Digital Book World, reporting on a meeting between ALA nd the American Association of Publishers.


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