Remain Open and Curious to Enhance Learning

I am catching up on some professional reading during the last few minutes of the day. This article, titled “My Quest to Become a Renaissance (Wo)man,” talks about the understanding process within a team of people with different perceptions, opinions or viewpoints can be frustrating and delayed if we refuse to remain open to change.

I’m also grabbing this article because of this statement, and my possible position on Oronoco’s city council:

This year I enrolled in a local government program called City Academy. Every week myself and 25 other city residents gather to learn how our city works; from Emergency Response to Water and Sewer to Budgets and Boards and on and on. It is incredible how much there is to know and how people can see the same information from different perspectives.

via My quest to become a renaissance woman | Leading Effectively: Official Blog of the Center for Creative Leadership.

Neat idea, right.


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