Running in Oronoco : Meet the Candidates Night

That was a ton of fun! I am very grateful to Vivian Willliams and Carol Gunderson for hosting tonight’s Meet the Candidates night, and to the City of Oronoco for providing the space and technology. The five of us able to attend tonight had been sent the questions to respond to in our given two minutes, we took questions from the audience, and finished up with final words. In that short time I learned a lot about the people I plan to work along side, either on the council or sitting in front of it, communicating.

I am one of three candidates for the two two-year council seats. Running also are Jayne Krause and Trish Shields. Councilman Skyler Breitenstein is running unopposed for a four year council seat. The two candidates for mayor are John Tilford, and Mayor Kevin McDermott.

Some of the big issues were Minnesota Avenue and the conditions in which the city will take ownership, the fourth bridge in the town and the conditions the city may find themselves owners of it, the parks and public areas, communication and volunteerism. Some of this I know a great deal about, some of this I’m getting up to speed on, none of it was really a surprise. It was wonderful to hear what people had to say, though, and I plan to hear more as I walk about town and knock on doors.

This was recorded. My thanks to Pine Island Telephone Company and Charter Communications for giving space to this evening’s event on public programming. I am kinda scared to watch myself, but I will just so I can go back and take notes. Kinda rude to do that while people are talking, I know that wouldn’t have been polite, but some good things were said and I want to take notes.

But first, to bed. Night!

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