Running in Oronoco : Introductions Are In Order

Hi! I’m Jonya Pacey, one of the candidates for Oronoco’s City Council. I and my husband, Van, are relative newcomers to the community. This September was our second Oronoco Gold Rush and so while we still find it quite exciting it wasn’t so overwhelming for us this year.

We raised our two children in St. Charles but I wanted to be closer to the Cities and to work in Rochester and so we moved here in May, 2011. While in St. Charles, I was involved in Gladiolus Day and Women of Today, Society for Creative Anacronism, worked for part-time for Head Start and the St. Charles Public Library and for Family Service Rochester in Rochester. But mostly I stayed home while my children were younger, and then went to work for Southeastern Libraries Cooperating (SELCO) in 1999.

That’s a lot of years of my life boiled down into those three sentences; they were busy, productive years. I’m still trying to find my feet in Oronoco. Still working, still busy with gardening and sewing and other hobbies. Getting to know my immediate neighbors, although Van is much friendlier than I am. We have some really good people over here on 4th St. NW, they’ve been very welcoming! But as he is retired, Van has more chances to catch people out and about their yards. I like visiting with people, though, and am trying to get to know people as quickly as I can.

I want to serve on City Council because I think I have talents that will be useful. I have both 5000 feet vision, able to see the whole of a project, and close-up vision, able to pay attention to details. I’ve used those skills to bring work projects to successful fulfillment and I’ll bring those to my work on City Council. I can negotiate between people with differing views to try to come to a compromise, and as need be can hold to a course of action. I learn fast – I’ve been coming up to speed on the issues before the City Council at this time and studying past meeting minutes to hear the history. And I have a passion for community, for people working together towards the common good, and I want to be part of that here in Oronoco.

So this blog will be one of the ways I make available for people to talk to me and to each other. I love social media and plan to use various online tools in addition to face-to-face opportunities to build communication and strengthen community.

Comments are open and welcome – I won’t turn on moderation unless the spamming gets too harsh, and I will delete anything that is not constructive. But if posters stay polite, we should be fine. Thank you for your contribution to the conversation.

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