Sharing Forward: A Blogging Adventure in Iowa

Deb Brown invited me to take part in Franklin County, Iowa’s Harvest Farm Tour, and I can’t go. But I recently spent a wonderful day with hundreds of bloggers from all walks of life at the Minnesota Bloggers Con. Would one or more of you would want to go down to Hampton, Iowa on the weekend of October 5-7?

This opportunity is given in exchange for your talented fingers on your keyboards, talking to the world you occupy about farming and agricultural communities in general and particularly about Hampton and Franklin County. About the businesses you visit and the experiences you share with people who live there and with people who are visiting, same as you. It is being sponsored by Latham Hi-Tech Seeds, Franklin County Farm Bureau and Franklin County Tourism.

Anyone who sees this post and is interested can contact Deb. I’m not ignoring the rest of my online circles but the people I met on Saturday are still fresh in my mind. Good people trying to build their niche in this online world, and yes, I’m one of them. One of us.

Deb Brown is one of the people I watch to learn from; she’s a rock star in her various communities and with the heart of a mentor.  Go read some of the ways she can be useful! Deb is also a nice person – she will guide you through what is expected of you and how to best pay back for the fun-packed weekend that you will experience.

I am sad not to be able to go to this but for several reasons it is best to stay home. One of them is the expected granddaughter at the end of the month so don’t feel too bad for me!

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