No Nap. No Tomato Plants, Either

Lovely afternoon greeted me when I left work and I could not waste it. I pulled the trailer back around to the back and put some more junk into it – pipes, wood bits from the basement water pipe breaking, general junk, and the walnut buckets we have so far. I moved the composter and filled it up with tomato plants, marigold plants and that clover-type ground cover that is helping keep the weeds back so I’m letting it stay, until tonight.

Van made really good meatloaf; I had seconds. The green beans were not quite what I like so I’m cooking them a bit longer, in more bacon grease and low heat. We are watching the new Bones. And then woad dipping! And Castle at 9!

I still want a nap though. I bet I am in bed at 10:01.

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