Meet: Mom Off Meth @MNBlogCon

I met this vibrant, personable woman, Betsy Berry-deGree,  in the line for lunch at the Minnesota Bloggers Conference on Saturday. We did the right things, exchanged names and 50-second elevator stories – she did such an outstanding job sharing her story that I kept asking questions which is exactly what that initial story is supposed to trigger, right?

I have some guilt that I did not get right to blogging about the conference on Sunday but there was all this dyeing to be done. Some of the attendees have started, have their thank yous on twitter, and I’m watching all that on my own twitter feed having more guilt. I’m at work, though, and only taking a short lunch so I can get home earlier and reclaim my kitchen from the woad.

But Betsey’s story stayed with me and when her latest tweet came across twitter, I clicked. This is from the second post in:

It made Christmas so much easier that year.  My kids didn’t feel the pinch of the situation or how serious it was.  And I got to say stuff like, “You better like it, I paid for it with my BLOOD!”

via Mom Off Meth: Happy Holidays Kids.

Love that statement. The ability to find the humor is awesome and we should all strive for it. It not only improves our outlook on our lives but vastly adds facets to our writing that cement the reader’s involvement with us. Betsey is able to find the humor and uses it to  strengthen her message. Well done, Betsey!

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