#MNBlogCon Sara Geneva Noreau Kerr – Blogging to be found

She searches out her students at St. Catherine’s to customize her class to what they need. She’s speaking about info graphic, branding and e-reputations. Sara has spoken of most of the major social media tools. Employers search all of this stuff. So don’t bash people, dont say negatives, be opinionated.


1 a positive online presence.
2 good branding. Imagery, including headshots. Formatting.
3 an excellent biography. Read hers at it is funny. 30 second elevator speech.


Create your online reputation
Establish a positive onlinebrand

Wait..she just stated this presentation is online…I will get you a Link later, ok?

Set up a google alert for my name and variations of my name.

Yelp? Look this up.

Bury the negative with the positive…find your brand advocates and ask for their assistance.

Sara removes her white paging listings out there, that are commonly refilled, every six months.

Put a rider on your insurance policy to cover identify theft.

SEO search engine optimality.

Good story about ice dams, online advertising.

If people see you using social media, you are demonstrating you can use it.

She posts blog posts to LinkedIn so that the right stuff gets copied there. So…I have a very social blog, social activities and nothing I am ashamed of. Can I make this so it is only the professionally related stuff that cross posts to LinkedIn ?

Note to go look this presentation for the PowerPoint.

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