On the Woad Again!

Well, even though last night was a failure and even though tonight was supposed to be about the new blog setup and checking out how the weld works in the dye pot, I’m going back to the woad. I have all the proper chemicals for a non-urine-bath dye pot, I’m just doing something wrong. Tonight the powder from about a week ago’s success is going into the dye bath. There’s about an ounce of pigment and I’m only going to try to dye about that amount of fiber, maybe half that…

Last night’s linen sample was a very pretty green this morning (the sumac-mordant had turned it yellow) but as it dried, the blue influence faded until it was again a yellow. Maybe a bit more green but not much so. The wool fiber is disappointingly blotchy and pale blue.

So the bath is prepping over there. Resting, they say.

I also got the tomatoes roasting in olive oil, onions, garlic and spices for a bright yellow tomato soup. Now we need red cheese, lol, for sandwiches.

OK, more later. I’m going to work on that website now – http://www.jonya.com/citycouncil/

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