Help Me Decide Which Mordant To Use


I am bringing live beasties to Neophytes, Novices and Knaves. Yeasties, bound up in dye solutions and fed sugar to keep them happy. So I need help deciding how to prep the cloth I am giving away. I’ve figured out how much fabric you need to have a neck facing and two cuff edgings and will have linen pieces of that size already mordanted.

These pieces would also make a nice pouch or similar thing if you’d rather.

The above picture shows you two samples, one of each mordant then dyed in madder root for about the time period we will have at NNK. And in my reading, I think that sumac mordant makes a dyed linen that is a bit more color fast but it is a bit more orangey. I still think the color is better. What do you think?

Now, I have no wool pieces to give away but if you have something of about a quarter yard that you’d like to dye, bring it to the event. We can also dye yarn and wool fleece; if your yarn isn’t skeined, you can do that at the event. I will have some bags to keep the wool together while in the dye pots.

I’m still not certain about the dye pot-varieties, although there will obviously be madder root. Onion skin. Marigold. Weld. Woad. Osage orange. Walnut. Erm…maybe more. And I have iron and copper to add as after-mordants.

I am not going to be dyeing any dress or tunic-sized pieces at this event, so more people can go home with something, unless you contact me and we arrange it ahead of time. Like authorizing but a different type of dyeing.

OK, must go do things. I wanted to get this out there this morning, and I will be copying a link to the NNK FAceBook page and sending it out to the Hall.


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